King Penguins

About us

We’re passionate about micro-communities: Whether we think about it or not, most of us are part of a vast number of small communities. From charities to sports clubs, businesses, homeowner associations, and parent-teacher conferences.

Because the communities we are a part of, are a part of who we are. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Meeet

Meeet is a platform for hosting thoughtful online discussions within closed groups. 

Meeet is suitable for any community that shares common goals and engages in substantive discussions on how best to achieve them.

The Pro edition supports organizations that require formal voting and reporting i.e. legal entities that are required to comply with formal regulations.

No – it’s not another social network. There is no ‘feed’ of current stories that disappear shortly after you read them. Instead, topics stay up until they are no longer relevant and subsequently closed by the community’s own moderator.

Meeet was co-founded by Corebuilt Labs, and built on the Discourse platform. We’re an experienced group of developers and entrepreneurs with a passion for platforms and online communities.

We offer two paid versions of our platform for professional use, and charge for onboarding support and custom features. We do not sell data or make money on ads. 

Yes. Anyone can create and manage an online community on our platform, as long as it doesn’t violate our Terms of Service.


Setting up an account on Meeet is fast – and free. Once you have an account, you can create or join as many community spaces as you like.

For more information, check out our guides (in Danish) on how to create a space and how to join an existing space.

Our support area includes topics that describe the most common features, as well as a community support area where you can ask questions and get answers from other Meeet users. Our Pro and Enterprise levels include email, chat and phone support.

Discussions in Meeet are organized into distinct topics which each have their own thread of comments and replies. As the discussion progresses, the creator of the topic may find it helpful to update the original post so that it reflects the latest thinking of the group. In this way, topics can remain relevant indefinitely. A full history of changes is available to all community members so it’s easy to see how the discussion evolved. 

If you subscribe to notifications for specific spaces or topics, you will receive an email when someone posts an update. Unlike social media, notifications contain the full text of the update, so you don’t need to log in to Meeet to see it or respond to it. Simply reply to the email, and your comment will automatically get posted under the correct topic.


Basically, everything you need to run a vibrant online community: Discussions, events, and member management.

Our Free version is not a trial. It’s free forever with no limit on the number of members. 

If you run a community that is required to hold formal elections, or is legally obligated to document decisions, then the Pro version is for you.

Our Enterprise product is a white-label version of Meeet that runs a separate instance with custom branding, site-level user management, and a number of enterprise features such as single sign-on (SSO) and site-wide moderation.

The Enterprise edition also includes public-facing categories that can be used for customer support etc.

Anyone can get support from our support forum.

Our Pro and Enterprise plans include support via email, chat and phone.

We offer paid onboarding support for Pro and Enterprise customers. Feel free to contact us to find out more. 


We require users to have an email in order to sign up for an account. We also save personal information that users upload such as names, photos, and content.

We do not share email addresses with anyone – not even within the same community space. Content that users post is visible in the context of where it was posted, and we do not sell or distribute user-generated content to anyone.

For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Our servers are located within the European Union (EU).

We do not run ads and we don’t sell user data, so we keep the amount of personal data we collect from our users to the absolute minimum required to run the platform.

Users can download all their data from their profile at any time and can request that we anonymize the content they’ve added. 

Yes. You can request to delete your account anytime along with any personal information we have collected on you.

Moderation is handled by community-appointed moderators – typically the person who sets up the community will be its first moderator. We do not monitor or interfere in conversations, but users can report offensive content. Spaces that do not self-moderate content that violates our Terms of Service will (after fair warning) be closed down.

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